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Oneway is a cell-based church, which means that we have a strong culture of cell group. A cell group is a small group of people meeting in a home weekly with the intention of building long lasting intentional friendships with each other, through connecting to God’s word and prayer. We use the G12 model of cell groups to make this happen, where cells groups are homogeneous for the purpose of intentional discipleship.

We have cell group in most communities in Durban, but we also do have online cells for cater for those in areas that we haven’t reached yet.

To join a cell/connect group near you write to us:

Ministry @DUT

Campus Ministry

Our Invaders Campus ministry is a platform where our young adults at universities gets to connect with each other through weekly cell groups, discipleship trainings and Sunday services amongst many other things that happen. This is a community of young people on fire for God, with the heart to reach out to their campuses and student residents with the message of hope found in the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. This ministry is called INVADERS simply because the main aim is to invade the campus space for Christ.



Pastors Discipleship Training

We have noticed in our 5 years of ministry, that discipleship is lacking in many churches, this is simply because no one is discipling pastors. So with the practical information we have at Oneway, we help disciple pastors so they could disciple their leaders and have their leaders disciple the church at large. This results in a tremendous growth of their ministries in numbers and in influence in the communities they’re serving. In 2021, we adopted ILM and KDCMI churches and we have seen them grow as we continue to walk the journey with them.

Ministry School

Ekklesia School of


A school of ministry that helps to give foundational principles for intentional ministry for all those interested in the work of the ministry as it should be every Christian. We provide training for those at Oneway who are interested to join the full time team at some stage, but we also do open up this door of opportunity for the other churches that wants to send their people.

Find out more:


Hands and Feet

Hands & Feet is our charity and community outreach wing here at Oneway. It is through this ministry that the needs of many people in our church and church communities are met. This may include our monthly food hampers to more than 60 church families and occasional supply of hundreds of food parcels to people in our church communities. But it also including our schools feeding programs, crisis responses, counseling and many other things done under this ministry.

If you’d love to be a Hands & Feet volunteer please write us an email and someone from our team will respond. To support us financially you can refer to the support us page.

For the Kids

Sunday School

The Bible teaches us in Proverbs 22:6 that we ought to Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Our Sunday school programs that happen before the main service in all campuses helps parents fulfill this scripture. During service our lovely Sunday school teaches spend time entertaining the little ones and helping them understand the message of the week in their level.


Youth Ministry

High schoolers meet every Friday evening for a time of fellowship, fun, worship and growth in the word. This primarily happens at the Westville Campus 18h30pm, but it also happens in the different campus at different times. Teenage state is a critical stage in the formation of what a person will become, and youth ministry serves as a platform where guidance is given to the youth and they’re given mentors that will direct them in the way they should go.

You can contact Tyrone Grobler, for more information on the youth.

Serve with us

Helps Ministry

The helps ministry is inclusive of our welcome team, ushering team, protocol and parking parking.

If you’d love to be part of this ministry, please write to us:

Sing Praises

Worship Team

The worship team at Oneway consisted of our vocalists(lead & backing) & instrumentalists.

This ministry is lead by Mrs Thobeka Chidarikire across all our campuses.

And if you’d love to join and be part of our music ministry please contact write to us:

Men of God

Men’s Ministry

Once every month men of God come together for a time of fellowship, prayer and fun. This is a ministry that is lead by Mr Edwin Chidarikire. As iron sharpens iron, men sharpen each other. This is a platform where men are equipped on how to be men of God that God desires them to be. It also serves as a support group for men struggling with different issues and addictions.

Contact Edwin on +27 (78) 603-7145 to be part of this ministry and check our events sections to be updated on when the next men’s connect is.

Women of God

Women’s Ministry

Once every month women of God come together for a time of fellowship, prayer and fun. This is a ministry that is lead by Mrs Thobeka Chidarikire. This is where women of character, known as proverb 31 women, are built up in Christ. Women are taught here the heart of womanhood, and how to fulfill their purpose here and now as mothers of many nations walking in the Sarahic blessing. It also serves as a support group for women struggling with different issues and addictions.

Contact Thobeka on (060) 368-3544 to be part of this ministry and check our events sections to be updated on when the next men’s connect is.

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